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Major key alert! – Meet one of the many friends in my head – Tracy G!

I first discovered Tracy G on the Bevy Says podcast, “Who You Calling a Slut, Loving Your Body & Owning Your Sexuality”, where they discussed body image, sexuality and feminism in pop culture. The show itself was extremely enlightening and motivational, I mean, these women were having this wonderful conversation about navigating your body image and sexuality without the constraints of someone else’s opinions and they allowed you to listen in. It was funny and educational and gave you so many nuggets for your personal repertoire.

Now, this show is not for the faint of heart, these are grown ladies using very colorful language, but you can check it out here.

Real quick, let’s take a moment of silence to pray that Bevy releases another episode soon. I LOVE her!

Wait, I thought this was about Tracy, who is she?

Tracy G dubs herself as “Self-talk Strategist. Edutainer. Trillass Individual.” She’s on the SirusXM show, Sway in the Morning and she is the creator of the brand “She’s Beauty and the Beast”.

She’s Beauty and the Beast is a “compilation of audio musings, lifestyle + personal development + social commentary and overall caffeine for the spirit, She’s Beauty And The Beast is a new, millennial wellness brand for those who could rock with an extra partner in progression.”

It. Is. Dope.

It is definitely a part of my morning (and sometimes afternoon) routines and I honestly can tell a difference in my psyche once I repeat the affirmations.

And since you are my girlfriend, I am going to share my favorite affirmations with you. *Full disclosure, she isn’t for everyone. She uses some words that I wouldn’t repeat in front of my mama, but I like her.*



And because I’m currently obsessed with all things Tracy, check out HER podcast here!


Here’s to glowing from the inside out!



Shanetra D

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