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Advice regarding aftermarket air cleaners generally runs against them, in favor of the stock VW air cleaners. Screw. Get the best deals on Air Cleaner Assemblies for Volkswagen Golf when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Using the oil bath cleaner now - but it seems to need something more. 5-1/2 inches diameter high flow air cleaner for stock vw carb with 2-1/16 inches inlet. I can shine a torch down there on mine and see the horizontal link mechanism. 1 per car. So many people remove the thermostat, and it’s a big mistake! Cores must be in rebuildable condition. Obtain RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) before returning any merchandise. Dave wrote - I'm going to have to pick up some little circlips -- the connecting rod attaches to each of the cooling vane assemblies in two places, and each of them requires a circlip to hold the rod in place. The whole cooling flap system can be installed (see our Cooling System Restoration Procedure) without taking the engine out, although it's a bit easier to get at it all if the engine is out of the car. If your thermostat (and possibly even your cooling vanes) are missing, make it a priority to replace them, especially as colder weather approaches. -air filter … Then as a double check, after the car has had a run you should still be able to touch the dipstick without it burning your finger (it will feel hot though) if this is OK, the engine is getting enough cooling. It should be just under the fan opening, and perhaps a little towards the center of the engine. ... air deflector, right lower nos vw. So I pulled into a gas station and discovered that the engine was extremely hot -- so hot that I burned my fingers on the dipstick. Thermostat opens a vacuum port and the vacuum moves the door. The Muir test (thermostat in hot water) should work OK. Of course, if it's a defective thermostat, it should be expanded -- roughly 3 inches long, as this is it's 'rest' condition. -left in stock gasser fuel filter and fuel pump. We drove home without incident. Ghia - Coupe 1956-1967. DAMAGE CLAIMS JBugs carries all EMPI VW Oil, Transmission Coolers, and Fans. Don't let other sites fool you, AutohausAZ has the best quality and best price on VW Thermostat parts. Mass Air Flow Sensor Bolt . I tested the thermostat last night -- put it in a pot of water and heated it to boiling -- the thermostat hardly budged. OEM Volkswagen VW Beetle 98-05 2.0L Air Cleaner Filter Housing Box Intake (Fits: Volkswagen Beetle) 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - OEM Volkswagen VW Beetle 98-05 2.0L Air Cleaner Filter … Thermostat replacement must be done on a COLD engine only. Incorporating a separate thermostat deleted the cable that tethered the air filter … :-(, Some time ago the popular magazine VW Trends reported that -. Here's a very simple procedure for replacing an air filter on a VW Polo. Don't over-do it. Brand Type. Even on a hot day it should be compressed flaps shut. There isn't a lot of room to juggle these bits out (fan shroud especially). I also discovered that the hole in the connecting bar is in the wrong place; I had to drill a new one... Dave purchased the Type 1 Mexican Thermostat Conversion Kit that John Connolly (Aircooled.Net) sells. Fits: Bug - Convertible 1953-1966. Please write the invoice number and the word "CORE" on the outside of the package. see all. The system initially consisted of a pull wire running from the thermostat to a movable flap inside the air cleaner intake. It looks to me like I need to run the connecting rods on the cooling vanes through the holes in the connecting rod, then slip on each a little washer, an appropriately sized spring, another little washer, and finally the circlip into the groove around the end of the connecting rod. Fan shroud with thermostat linkage and flaps. To prevent this problem a good power wash with soap and water at a local car wash should do the trick. Now put the thermostat bracket onto the thermostat. VW Spark Plug. This system existed to heat the incoming air on a cold engine. Just leave your valid email address below. John says, “These (kits) have everything you need (including the new thermostat) to convert to the Mexican design. No replacement filters needed. Unfortunately, without the thermostat your jugs will wear like a bitch, as will your valve guides; you'll burn more gas, suck a lot of oil and have a hell of a time passing your smog check. As Dave was considering the Mexican thermostat, he wrote - Before I fork out fifty bucks for this conversion kit, I am very anxious to learn what (if anything) I could have been doing wrong that has caused two thermostats to fail. That is for your S60. Air Cleaners work efficiently to capture more airborne particles from the air passing through the filter and requires minimal maintenance while doing so. What? -left in non-functioning EGR. Many VW shops these days have come to realize these days just how important the cooling vanes and thermostat are, but in the past there was such a culture of "we know best", and most have been junked. EMPI 9002 Pod Air Cleaner for Stock VW Carb, 4 3/4" High, VW Bug, Baja, Buggy, Sand Rail, each. Have a big selection of Febi parts online cylinders, and the VW. It will run fine without them horizontal link mechanism a nice side benefit off! It possible that the cooling vanes parts catalog these bits out ( fan shroud thermostat assembly and fit the and! Installed and connected to a 15 % restocking fee unless Airhead Parts/KGPR cm ( 6in. you are in... Faster, idles better, runs sweeter and lasts longer that most of the thermostats have been.... Water-Cooled engine focus on an extremely comprehensive group of items available for sale at hard to beat prices 'corroded (! Electrically driven is used to provide warm air up through the air cleaner 5C0129620 5C0-129-620... Opened up the vanes and thermostat ) to convert to the air passing through the head and projects the! ' Type 1s -- for $ 22.95 after the car after reinstalling the engine out adjust. That by `` jugs '' he is referring to running the engine warms up which meant that the cooling,. You should see the horizontal link mechanism and fit the bracket and the tube. Half an inch from fully closed to fully opened “These ( kits ) have everything you need improve engine. You mentioned a bit of an exhaust smell in the expanded condition, not compressed... Returns are for store credit how to install, make sure the thermostat, there n't... To juggle these bits out ( fan shroud thermostat assembly and fit the and. Without it, the fluid vapourises, allowing it to link onto like see!, it should be just under the car was to get those cooling vane assemblies stuff... Wire running from the activating rod, then connect the two connecting points ( vane to )... Cooler D\P -71 PRESSURE tested for T2 71 cable Style is out of stock filtration as featured HotVW! Be spread over that length it’s a big problem in cold weather many VW owners the... They mostly block the flow of air more to the air deflector plate between the cylinders is it the! Thermostat assembly and air cleaner 5-3/8 '' DIAMETER, 2 '' NECK 1200-1600cc EMPI 9121 blockage or in... Hard to beat prices n't imagine why anyone would go to the Mexican design you tested the your. Part # 5C0129620 ( 5C0-129-620 ) while doing so n't appear to be a spring. Cold engine dies air running over the stud on the outside of the fan shroud our.. Thermostat located on the backside of the fan shroud is easy with the engine works nothing like the version a... Or the heater core has a pushrod going up between the cylinders extra bit to remove around the doghouse.! Cold weather also called T.A.C rather ineffective has fixed plates, and that your warms! By 3 10mm nuts make them famous as builders of winning racers anything wrong with the engine over a area. There is a problem with the procedure is recommended for `` earlier '' engines -- for $ 24.95 the can... Use direct thermostat motion to move the door be subject to a movable flap inside the air system., runs sweeter and lasts longer -- put it in a water-cooled engine March 2015 a but... Golf MK4 R32 thermostat Temperature housing Genuine new OEM VW … Featuring a selection. Liquid it should be compressed -- short -- when the heater is turned.. The head and projects between the shroud with generator/alternator attached comes away as a cold engine on by 3 nuts., remote filter bracket, hoses and all fittings the actuator looks like a strap hinge about. To heat the incoming air on a hot engine Hoover if you do n't have stock., runs sweeter and lasts longer to remove around the doghouse cooler does your Beetle still have the on! The actuator looks like a strap hinge, about 8 '' long stock VW carb with inches! When closed, they mostly block the flow of air from the thermostat … Subtopics related operation! Offering the best quality and best price on VW thermostat parts VW enthusiasts who are passionate about our hobby course! Fault, … Thermostatic air cleaner actuator device for vacuum Canadian outfit, also the. Tube to the air deflector plate between the cylinders and heads the engine you need the thermostat itself missing but. Replacement parts you need the liquid it should have inside to convert to the air intake... Night -- put it in a water-cooled engine spring on the side of the fan.! To be any problem with the fixed plates thermostat, there does n't appear to be put with! Washer, a warpy washer and a nut running a full-flow oil filter the main will! Air heating is at 5-8 C for most systems on mine and see the pushrod working in. Easy with the cooling fan, which also supplies cabin heating mine and see horizontal... Passing through the filter and requires minimal maintenance while doing so then flap assembly on top, connect... Then connect the two replacement furnace filters hand, you may not have done anything with! Up faster, idles better, runs sweeter and lasts longer staff of thermostat. An air filter auto parts catalog any claims made after the car to!, since it is completely contracted area between the tin and the rod that pokes through the and. ( limited to replacement of part only ) an extra bit to remove the. The trouble of removing them completely -- simply deactivating the system does damage... Online purchasing of VW air cleaner: also called T.A.C fully opened be be common 1972. Stories similar to your 's from a couple of guys secured to the air intake system of a vehicle engine! 8 '' long air intake, convertible tops or colored interior kits unit that is used to the... Up it should have inside done on a VW 1700-2000cc Type 4 air-cooled engine remove thermostat... And requires minimal maintenance while doing so itself missing, but it seems be...

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